Cyrix Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is established in 2004 , headquartered in Kochi, Kerala. Today we are the number one provider of medical supplies and equipment in India and stretched our span overseas.

Medical Equipment Calibration

We are one of India's largest private calibration labs configuring the measurement and accuracy of the medical devices and systems used in Hospitals. We are NABL accredited calibration laboratory for Medical devices Calibration. We ensure our calibration services meet the ISO 17025: 2017 standard and your instrument maintain the highest accuracy.

Radiology Equipment Quality Assurance

We are AERB Approved Quality Assurance Agency to provide qualified professionals to ensure the quality of medical diagnostic x-ray equipment. Our goal is to obtain the optimum quality diagnostic information at the lowest radiation risk to the patient. Our highly qualified professionals ensure that medical diagnostic x-ray equipment will comply with the specified safety standards.

Biomedical Equipment Maintenance

Our Clinical Engineering Department undertakes the maintenance and servicing of all hospital equipment, including Ventilators, Cautery etc. Once you book the maintenance with us, we place it as a contract where all your Medical equipment is assured with an annual maintenance support 24x7. We also provide well-defined Software support for Biomedical Asset management and documentations along with NABH Documentation and CODE Training to all Staff.

Biomedical Training

We provide Biomedical Training on various aspects and modals such as BLS, ACLS, Medical Equipment handling and radiation safety, etc., for all clinical and non-clinical staff. We also provide NABH Documentation, training on Hospital CODE and Fire & Safety to all Staff to ensure the best quality healthcare is delivered through them.

Radiology Equipment Services

We provide skilled maintenance of all kinds of Radiation Equipment used in the Hospital Industry. Our wide array of certified original equipment manufacturer services are designed to help you optimize the performance of your radiation equipment. Our radiation detection equipment service and calibration maximize the productivity of your assets while managing the high costs of unplanned maintenance and repair throughout the lifecycle of your products.

Medtronic/Covidien Equipment Service

We provide expert preventive and as-needed maintenance services for all Medtronic/Covidien Equipment. Our services are designed to help maintain optimal device performance and reliability. This reduces your administrative burden and protects our customers' investments, enabling your focus to remain on patient care.