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We are the single provider of the largest varieties of Medical Equipment & Consumables Sales, Service, Spares, Testing and Calibration, Training & Development, Exporting of Medical Equipment & Consumables of all brands or makes. Cyrix takes the responsibility of delivering the entire range of medical equipment & consumables, thus helping our Partner Hospitals and clinics build a professional and cost-effective medical care environment.

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We remain in the spotlight for helping to make it possible in delivering Medical Equipment & Consumables from superior brands and at the most competitive prices. Explore our fast-moving products that will meet yours and have met the unique specifications of many others.

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Our comprehensive range of services in Medical Equipment - Calibration, Quality Assurance, Maintenance, Training, and Servicing simplify the complexity of healthcare.


The primary responsibility for the care and maintenance of equipment rests with the user. We deliver advanced Hands-on Training for Biomedical Professionals and beginners to understand how their equipment works, what its limitations are, and what it can and cannot do. This training covers various major and minor equipment used in Hospitals, Clinics etc.

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We are a passionate team working relentlessly to that make a difference in the healthcare sector by upholding our unwavering commitment to our clientele in providing advanced, high-quality medical equipment and our community in accessing affordable health solutions. With round the clock availability of our well-seasoned professionals, we offer optimized and innovative functional systems.

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