Quality Assurance in Radiology Equipment

Quality Assurance (QA) of the radiology equipment is an important aspect of diagnosis. QA check ensures consistent performance of the diagnostic X-ray equipment during its useful life plays an important role for the safety of the patients undergoing the procedures as well as the operators and the medical practitioners associated with its operation. At Cyrix Healthcare, we are AERB (Atomic Energy Regulatory Board) Approved Quality Assurance (QA) Agency authorized to perform the QA of the diagnostic X-ray equipment.

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Our Key Features

Ensure the accuracy of the equipment diagnosis.

Achieve the objective of the diagnostic or interventional procedures.

Ensure the conformity of the X-ray equipment's installation at the user’s institution(s) with the specifications.

We carry out QA tests at regular intervals (periodicity-once in two years) and also after repairs of the equipment or when equipment malfunctions are suspected.

We ensure the optimum image quality of radiological procedures with minimum possible dose to the patient(s).