Web Enabled Stress Test System with various inbuilt and optional functions. This PC based cardiac workstation combines Resting & Exercise ECG in one unit.

PC based technology. WINDOWS 7/8 software ensures ease of use.
Digital Signal Acquisition Module eliminates noise & gives distortion free ECG signal.
Simultaneous acquisition & display of 12 lead Raw ECG during the Resting & Exercise ECG mode.
Web enabled software allows sending images via email.
Full disclosure of all 12 leads for beat-by-beat analysis & extended documentation.
User configured Multiple Report Format for Resting & Exercise ECG.
The final report includes information on Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Treadmill Speed/Grade, ST Trends relating to stage wise & recovery phase.
Facility to view, compare & print, Average Complex, ST graphs & tables of all leads for all stages.
Laser printer provides high quality stage wise printouts on ordinary A4 sized paper saving on cost of consumables.
Fully interfaced indigenous treadmill.