Medilog® FD12plus

True 12-lead long-term ECG recorder. Themedilog FD12plus, a long-term ECG recorder of the medilog plus series, is designed for 12-channel ECG recordings.

Pure ECG technology.
Real-time P-wave detection and atrial analysis.
Zero-seconds atrial fibrillation/atrial flutter detection based on true P-wave analysis.
HRV analysis – Fire of Life.
Thanks to ECG-derived respiration recording, the medilog FD12 plus is able to screen for potential respiratory episodes during sleep.
ST/QT/pacemaker analysis.
Real-time QRS detection.
Motion analysis.
Wireless Bluetooth™ interface.
Robust, shock- and splash-proof as well as easy to clean.
The analysis is carried out using the renowned medilog DARWIN2 software.