Need for Critical Care Equipment maintenance

Posted on 29/01/2023

Intensive care represents the highest level of patient care and treatment designated for critically ill patients with potentially recoverable life-threatening conditions.The Intensive Care Unit or Critical care unit is a distinct, self-contained unit within a healthcare facility that is outfitted with sophisticated, specialized equipment for careful observation, prompt treatment, and frequently prolonged care of patients with severe organ dysfunction. It is dedicated to the management and ongoing observation of patients with illnesses that pose a risk to their lives. The goal of intensive care is to sustain vital functions in critically sick patients in order to stop further physiological deterioration, lower mortality, and prevent morbidity.

Medical institutions use a wide variety of medical equipment throughout the various health care pathways, including prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring. For healthcare professionals, who spend a lot of money on upkeep, the equipment's correct operation is essential. Furthermore, whether it is a requirement of their preventive or curative contracts, medical facilities also demand high quality maintenance from the service providers. The standard of services provided to patients in hospitals is based on both the necessary skill of healthcare workers and an effective and efficient technology environment. Due to financial constraints, many commercial and public healthcare services and facilities still use outdated technology.

Salient features of Consona N series

This latest series is dedicated to deliver more substantial value in each specific application scenario. Consona N9 has specific smart tools for imaging various organs such as liver, thyroid, and bladder and can be used for identification of breast lesions. When considering its application in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Consona offers full-stack smartness solution based on Smart Scene 3D.This exclusive feature can be used for precise imaging of fetal face, brain, spine, heart and bones. Apart from these features the machine can also be used for effective cardiovascular evaluation.


Preventive and curative maintenance contracts represent a sizable expenditure for healthcare facilities. Preventive maintenance is planned according to a predetermined schedule with the goal of preventing equipment failure or deterioration. With this kind of contract, not only are any health risks—and their financial equivalent—caused by the unexpected shutdown of the machine avoided, but the expense of remedial maintenance is also decreased. Repairing expensive medical equipment after a breakdown is more expensive than doing routine maintenance and monitoring. Service providers can arrange themselves and set up a strategy to lessen the impact of the maintenance service calls thanks to the pre-established annual contracts.

Curative maintenance service call is triggered by equipment breakdown or malfunction. Alerted by the healthcare facility, the service provider must respond as soon as possible. That means identifying the technician that is qualified to repair the damaged equipment as soon as possible.The field service management planner can rapidly determine the most qualified technicians for the job thanks to software that centralizes planning and keeps track of professionals skills.

Purpose of proper maintenance of equipment.

It is obvious that high performance maintenance in the realm of medical equipment requires digital tools and data for both types of maintenance. For instance, it is crucial for the service provider to have the most recent training and certification information for each of its technicians' profiles digitalized. Field service planning managers need to have access to this information so they can send the proper technician to fix or maintain a specific piece of equipment.

With the increase in medical equipment in health facilities, maintenance has become a major issue. Incidents of equipment failure need to be addressed quickly or pre-empted by preventive maintenance. This will extend not only the service life of equipment in the field but also control costs.

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