Familiarize with latest Mindray CONSONA N9

Posted on 24/04/2024

Mindray has launched the Consona N series specifically for primary care users and includes innovative and useful solutions that effectively assist you in making accurate diagnoses for various patient types.The machine is designed to keep you one step ahead, regardless of whether your routine is in hospitals, clinics, or you are honing skills in General Imaging applications, women's health care, or cardiovascular specializations. 

Comprehensive Imaging Solutions Powered by ZST+

The ZST+ platform is a remarkable development that represents an advancement in ultrasonography. converting ultrasonic measurements from traditional beam-forming to processing based on channel data. It eliminates the conventional trade-off between tissue homogeneity, spatial resolution, and temporal resolution, resulting in superb image quality enabling limitless imaging solutions with continuous advancements.

Salient features of Consona N series

This latest series is dedicated to deliver more substantial value in each specific application scenario. Consona N9 has specific smart tools for imaging various organs such as liver, thyroid, and bladder and can be used for identification of breast lesions. When considering its application in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Consona offers full-stack smartness solution based on Smart Scene 3D.This exclusive feature can be used for precise imaging of fetal face, brain, spine, heart and bones. Apart from these features the machine can also be used for effective cardiovascular evaluation.

Ergonomic design specialities

The unique ergonomic design boosts the daily work efficiency. Exquisite machine design brings users better operating experience. Consona N9 is equipped with HD display with no bezel for immersive viewing, 15.6 “ touch screen in full HD with simple interaction and a control panel with easy-to-clean water and dust resistance. It also comes with a built-in battery for scanning without an AC source and a front cover magnet for easy cable handling.

Transducer Family

Consona N9 comes with multiple types of transducers that uses single crystal technology which offer greater detail and deeper penetration. The Combo Wave transducers enhance imaging and are created with a comfortable grip in mind. The wide range of transducers offer broad clinical application support and expansion of clinical scenarios.

Mindray has been in the forefront of the industry since 30 years and are extensively involved in developing new technology, adopting new management practices, and share new ideas in this period of medical transformation. The CONSONA N series is fully equipped with latest features and is truly worth investing in.

For more detailed product information go through this link https://www.mindray.com/en/products/ultrasound/primary-care/consona-n-series