Retro-fit Panel | FDR D-EVO II C43/FDR D-EVO II G43 | Fuji

The new D-EVO II C43 CsI detector and D-EVO II G43, the cutting edge of the FDR D-EVO series. Be Smart – Fuji film DR detector technology has evolved to be smart. Smart use of dose. Smart image processing. Smart construction to withstand tough clinical environments. Smart design for easier technologist handling and patient positioning.

Smart Function - Easy pick up of the detector by its rounded form, LED indicators
Smart Protection - Increased durability, Waterproofing
Smart Mobility - Ultra light weight, Image storage by internal panel memory
Smart Quality - Higher DQE by ISS+CsI and noise reduction circuit

* We provide both Retro-fit Panel | FDR D-EVO II C43 and FDR D-EVO II G43 | Fuji.