Full-room DR | FDR Smart f | Fuji

Fujifilm's latest high-quality, cost effective x-ray system. Easily Installed in limited spaces and easy to use, this user friendly system will bring upon a smart workflow for you.

Floor Mounted Tube Stand — lightweight and ergonomically designed.
Table — Spectacular load bearing.
Upright Stand — Variety of Examinations + Manual Tilting Wall Stand is also available (option).
Upright tilting X-ray Stand.
Automatic connection.
Removable Grid.
Dual (Top and Center) Reference Rotation.
High frequency generator and X-ray tube — 3 types of generators (Capacitor, UPS, Line) can be selected to match your necessity.
DR system for general radiography — High image quality is maintained combining with Fujifilm's “Image Intelligence™” technology.